McDonald's UK Equipment Supplier of the Year

by Keith Cassidy | Dec 11, 2014
H&K International was announced as Equipment Supplier of the Year for the McDonald’s UK system.
Adrian accepting the awardI am delighted to inform you that H&K International was announced last night as Equipment Supplier of the Year for the McDonald’s UK system. The award was presented to us last night at a reception of two hundred representatives of equipment suppliers to the McDonald’s UK. It was in recognition of the exceptional support we are collectively providing on projects such as KEO, Side-by-Side, capacity expansions, Platform Integration, new store openings and our on-going resupply business supporting the 1200 restaurants across the McDonald’s UK estate. It was also in recognition of our collective “can do “ attitude as a company, and mention was made of the many recent innovations we have brought to the business such as hkionline digital resupply ordering system, the on-going test of eTech, our corporate investment in the new warehouse at Rugby etc.
I would also like to congratulate Adrian Symons who was awarded “Outstanding contribution to McDonald’s UK” which is recognition of the hard work, results and daily leadership Adrian’s brings to his role over the last 25 years. Mention was made at the awards dinner last night to the many outstanding contributions that Adrian’s has made in recent times, and specifically over the last 12 months.
Our business is a team effort by one and all, and I would like to congratulate everyone for this recognition of our collective achievement

Keith Cassidy, Paul Ward, Adrian Symons, Tim Bedford, Laura Wright, Nik Davey, and Sue Wheatley
(From left to right: Keith Cassidy, Paul Ward (McDonald’s) Adrian Symons, Tim Bedford (McDonald’s) Laura Wright, Nik Davey, and Sue Wheatley)
Regards, Keith