About H&K - European Business Awards

by Site Admin | Nov 10, 2014

H&K is one of the worlds leading food equipment solutions providers with 25% of the global market share.

We supply equipment solutions to over 20,000 restaurants, in 100 countries worldwide.  These restaurants, in turn, serve 10 billion customers annually.

H&K has been highly successful in rapidly innovating, evolving it's business model, and anticipating its customers' needs. As testament to H&K's success, H&K has won Worldwide Equipment Global Supplier of the Year twice, Global Partner of the Year three times in a row and various innovation awards.  The success is unparalleled in the industry.

The following are some of the reasons why H&K is the successful business it is today:

  1. Stay  close to the customer.  The customer is everything to us.
  2. Continually evolving the business model and build on core competencies
  3. Culture; Passionate, people & performance
  4. Operational Excellence
  5. Innovation Leadership
  6. Global Capability:
    1. Five manufacturing plants
    2. Seventeen sales & distribution facilities
    3. 1500 employees
    4. $500 million sales
  7. Focused strategic growth plans; aligning to our customers needs
  8. High quality solutions at competitive costs

Some recent examples of how we've excelled in the market:  In the US, we've just gone into 10,000 restaurants, surveyed them, did drawings, manufactured the equipment from scratch, and installed them within a six month period.  We developed a new system called eTech, which is the first solution to wholestically manage and reduce the billion dollar annual equipment service cost. The company has seen it's market share in Asia increase from below 10% three years ago to now 40%.

H&K Story is best summarized by saying it's about how we've dealt with the varied challenges and opportunities.  Facing challenges head-on while being entrepreneurial in anticipating our customer’s needs has allowed us to flawlessly execute a winning strategy.