H&K Takes Home Three Awards at the Worldwide Equipment Supplier Appreciation and Awards Reception 2014

by Site Admin | Dec 23, 2014
World Wide Equipment Supplier of the Year 2014As many of you are aware at the Worldwide Equipment Supplier Appreciation and Awards Reception held during the 2014 Convention, the System honored H & K International with three prestigious recognitions:

  • The “Innovation of the Year Award“ for the second consecutive year.  Among H&K’s contributions recognized were: development of the Chilled Rail, High Capacity Freezer/Refrigeration Product Lines and cost savings achieved in the Go to Market Equipment Strategy.
  • Worldwide “Partner of the Year” (or Voice of Customer Award) for the third consecutive year.  This award is based on a survey of performance throughout the world and the overall supplier index.  Input comes from Equipment Managers, Franchisees in each country, Corporate Staff, Areas of the World Staff and OEMs. H&K received this award as we were the only Equipment Supplier to achieve Benchmark Status and achieved the highest survey score.
  • H&K was also the recipient of the most prestigious award presented, the “2013 Worldwide Equipment Supplier of the Year” for a second time in the last four years. H&K is honoured as a Benchmark Supplier in recognition of our contribution to the system in all categories of the Total Supplier Performance Index - TSPI (Plan to Win support; SPI, Reliability; Savings, Innovation). Highlights of H&K’s Worldwide support acknowledged are:
    • Support of the Go to Market Strategy in APMEA
    • Development and execution of HDK in the USA
    • Support of MFY and BIC in Europe
    • The Service Integrator project in Australia
    • New equipment innovation
    • System savings
    • Completion of D12 project in Canada
    • Establishing a KES in Japan
    • Opening McDonald’s first restaurant in Vietnam

We are very grateful and appreciative for these recognitions and the fact that this is the first time a Supplier /Partner has received both Worldwide Partner and Supplier of the Year awards in the same year. These awards are a reflection of the daily commitment all H&K employees have in supporting the McDonald’s system throughout the world and is being celebrated at our facilities worldwide .

World Wide Equipment Supplier of the Year 2014 - 01World Wide Equipment Supplier of the Year 2014 - 01