H&K Japan receives Irish Ambassador visit

by Michael Reidy | Dec 22, 2015

During a year-end business visit to the Kansai region, the Ambassador of Ireland to Japan visited H&K’s facilities in Osaka on 9th December.

The tour started with a trip to a new McDonald’s store in South Osaka where the Ambassador and her Ireland House delegation were impressed to see first-hand, H&K’s various equipment solutions provided to McDonald’s Japan, one of over 50 similar full "new store kitchen packages" delivered since starting our Osaka operations in 2013.  

Afterwards the delegation visited H&K’s Office and large Warehouse facility. The H&K Japan Staff, who enthusiastically take part in yearly St. Patrick’s Day Parades in Osaka, were delighted to greet them on their Osaka tour.

Following the H&K visit, the Ambassador then moved on to visit the Osaka Vice-Governor and was happy to report of H&K’s investment in the Kansai area of Japan.

Visitors from Ireland House Tokyo were 
Ambassador Anne Barrington 
IDA Ireland : Derek Fitzgerald 
Enterprise Ireland : Pat O’Riordan, Reiko Hiruma