H&K - 30 Years In Rugby

by Michael Reidy | May 31, 2016
Rugby HK
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Between 1978 and 1986 H&K’s only European manufacturing and distribution facility was in Dublin, Ireland. Fabrication output was relatively small during this period with back-up supplies coming from the original H&K factory in Toronto, Canada. McDonald’s development of new restaurants in Europe was growing.  UK, French and Dutch markets were starting to expand at a significant rate and stores in new countries were being opened up every year.  We needed to increase our fabrication capacity in Europe and to get closer to our main markets. It was decided that a UK base would greatly strengthen our position with our biggest customers.

Rugby was selected as a base following research into various locations. There were empty factories available to rent. The location was well-positioned for the UK motorway network, was centrally located in England and close to Birmingham airport.

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