H&K Mexico celebrate 25 Years

by Michael Reidy | Apr 12, 2017

H&K International is one of the world’s largest stainless steel kitchen equipment suppliers to the food service industry. With the constant growth of the business and the requirements to produce equipment in a more competitive way, H&K International set up a plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico in 1991, offering several advantages as strategic location to support Latin America, proximity to the US, low cost production and many more.  

H&K Mexico started as small operation with 25 employees to cover just domestic market for McDonald’s, once the quality and service commitments were revealed in 1994, our product was well received in the Latin America region. In 1999 sales increased and employees increased up to 150.

In 2005 H&K Mexico became one of the Group’s centers for investments. In 2007 a building expansion and large machinery acquisitions took place to increase manufacturing capacity. Then in 2011 and 2013 other expansions were needed to support all customer requirements, and in 2016 the company is increasing again the manufacturing capacity with additional acquisitions.

We proudly state that the product manufactured in SLP, Mexico, is distributed to all regions of the world.

H&K Mexico plant manufactures products at world-class quality standards, distributes, fabricated and consolidates buy-outs equipment worldwide. Has a total of 17,000 Sq. Mts. (183,000 Sq. Ft.) considering plant and warehouse. Has created a total of 600 jobs and more coming with the continued growth.

The growing operations are inclusive to support other Group’s areas, like Design Engineering, Restaurants layouts –CAD and Finance; which along with production capabilities, striving for becoming the center of excellence, is the ultimate goal.   

In consistency with H&K environmental philosophy, our Mexican facility endeavours to preserve and sustain living spaces through all corporate and personal activities.

Throughout 25 years of dedication and developing high working ethics, our employees show a high level of commitment and satisfaction for our working place. All staff is conscious that working together, a brighter future is still to come.

H&K Mexico is resolved to make history today!